Intelligence Starts at Alphion with Smart meters

Our products are the starting point for the data that drives Utilities Business

With deep industry experience and knowing challenges in fast changing grids, we realized that meters are the backbone of Utility operation so with Alphion meters, we enable you get an intelligent device capable of collecting, analyzing and transmitting range of vital information to HES/MDM resulting in accurate reading & better insight into grid operations.

Smart meters are at the beginning of the data journey and data is a critical component in helping you address daily challenges - from better managing your network to operating more efficiently, connected meters provide the information you need to transform your business.

With the goal to be global leading supplier of energy meters and systems, Alphion is looking forward to establishing mutual beneficial business relationships with partners from all over the world.

  • Alphion build the leading level of smart products in the industry supported by strong R&D, strict quality process & advanced manufacturing.
  • Alphion meters comes with built in innovation & Intelligence enabling interoperability & flexibility for the fast changing smart grid architecture.
  • Alphion Deliver smart Energy meters for generating data across Utilities entire distribution system.

Key Benefits for Utilities:

  • Future proof modular design,
  • Integration with 3rd Party Systems,
  • Demand optimization & Loss reduction.

Alphion offers portfolio of smart meters integrated with a range of reliable communication channels (RS485/GPRS/3G/4G/RF/NB-IoT/Ethernet) which utilities or system integrators can choose depending upon the tender geographical requirement.

Smart Meter
Smart Meter
Smart Meter
Smart Meter