GPON HGU ONT (4GE+2POTS+ 1x 802.11 b/g/n+ USB)


The AONT-1423 has been optimized for small business and residential homes to provide triple play services. It can work in both bridge and Routed mode.

Quality of Service

The AONT-1423 supports extensive QoS features, including ToS/DSCP to 802.1p mapping, and 802.1p to DSCP mapping, Traffic classification and QoS based on layer 3 and layer 4 header.prioritizable queues, ensures that tiered service offerings based on different bit-rates and QoS can be readily supported.


The AONT-1423 contains both L2 switch and L3 routing gateway with port forwarding, NAT and NAPT address translation, built-in PPPoE support for HSI, and an integrated stateful packet inspection firewall and application-layer gateway (ALG. Included as part of the gateway function are DHCP client, DHCP server and DNS server for IPv4 and IPv6.


The AONT-1423 comes with the latest security features, including access control list (ACL), DMZ, and wireless encryption protocols such as 64/128 bit WEP and WPA/WPA2/(WPA-PSK).

Flexible Management

The AONT-1423 is managed from the AOLT-4000 series and OLT via OMCI. The AOLT in turn is managed with either Alphion Element Management System (AEMS) that provides configuration, profile based provisioning, event and fault management and performance monitoring for the AONT, or with a 3rd party NMS via northbound interface.

Switch Capacity

Dual star redundant architecture with 20 Gbps bandwidth to each card slot and 400 Gbps bandwidth total capacity.

High Availability

High availability architecture where removal or insertion of any single card does not affect existing connections on other cards. Even in a system with a single CTL card, a failure of the control card does not affect the working traffic. To increase control plane availability, a second mate CTL card can be inserted in the AOLT-4000N chassis, providing 1+1 redundancy for the control plane. Likewise to increase data plane availability, a second mate SWT card can be inserted in the AOLT-4000N chassis, providing 1+1 redundancy for the data and signaling plane.

AEMS or SNMP Managed

With the CTL card installed, AOLT-4000N is either remotely or locally managed from either Alphion's Element Management System (AEMS) or with a 3rd party EMS using SNMP or a legacy NMS.

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